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Charts: Elliott Wave Theory, Gann Theory, AstroCycles (Issachar Anointing), Technical Indicators, Sentiment, World Events

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One Month Trial
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“We Use Astro-Cycle-Wave Theory, Technical Indicators & Charting Theory to Ascertain What May Occur.”

We Look at the Stock Market, Precious Metals, The $ & Oil

We Believe the Big Money Going Forward Through

 the 4th quarter of 2023/1st Quarter of 2024,

Will Be Made in Volatility ETF's Like UVIX & put options.


We Also Look at the Geo & Social-Political Ramifications Going Forward and How You Can Prepare for the Coming Storm!

Louie Lombardi & Brad Gudgeon, Team Members


Earn While You Learn



I Started Out as a Stock Broker in 1983. Soon, I Became Fascinated with Robert Prechter's "Elliott Wave Theory" Newsletter as Well as "Gene Morgan, Charting the Market" on the "Financial News Network" (later called CNBC) in Los Angeles, CA.

Before Long, I Became a Master E-Wave Technician and Chartist, While Further Studying (on an ongoing basis) the Disciplines of W.D. Gann, Erik Hadik, Ray Merriman, Oscar Carboni, Peter Eliades and Steve Miller.

"Earn While You Learn" is a Great Way to Earn Money, while You Learn Trading Discipline, Mathematical Timing Possibilities as Well as Possible Price Target Possibilities and Odds. No One is Perfect, but We Are About 83% Accurate Overall.

The Future is Fraught with Both Peril and Opportunity! Help Us Help You and Others Make it Through the Coming "Perfect Storm", as Prophesied by John Paul Jackson. The Prophecy was Given in 2008 and Began in 2020 with the So-Called "Pandemic".



Brad Gudgeon

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